Five Golden Copywriting Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Five Golden Copywriting Rules That Should Never Be Broken

To many, copywriting is considered an art as it requires a high degree of skill and meticulous attention to detail. We agree. This craft of creating eye-catching and compelling copy involves constant practice and will continue to evolve. Each renowned copywriter out there has earned their reputation through a combination of hard work and a certain skill set. Online content nowadays is so saturated that having the skill set to create an action through their writing is incredibly valuable. The great news for you is that anyone can develop this skill set. However, if you want any of your copy to be taken seriously, there are five golden copywriting rules that must always be followed.

1. Use Power Words

The very first thing your readers will read is the headline of your content. Your readers look at hundreds of headlines per day, so when their eyes pass over yours, it better count. The last thing readers want to do is waste their valuable time on boring content. We know your content isn’t boring, however, with a dull headline it will certainly appear that way. Your headline needs to instantly grab their attention and makes your readers curious to read more. Even if your content is perfect from every aspect if you use boring headlines most of your readers will not even bother to continue reading. So pay attention to your headlines and try to make them as interactive as possible, consider using powerful words. Consider the feeling you want to evoke with your writing and find words that create an appropriate emotion. To portray exclusivity, consider words like exclusive, first, and only. For feelings of security try words like authentic, official, certified, and prove.

2. Stay Away From Hyperboles

One of the most common mistakes that most copywriters make is using hyperbole words and statements in their writing. These are specific words that exaggerate something, and as a result, gets taken less seriously. For example, if you were writing copy about Zahalo, you would avoid using phrases like “The best digital marketing company in the area!”. Your readers were not born yesterday and these subjective statements will not help Zahalo in any capacity. Advertising in this way comes off as spammy and can ultimately tarnish the trust you have with your readers. Stay transparent and honest, say it like it is! Instead, you should write objectively, highlighting our services. A good example would be “Zahalo continues to prove itself as a trusted and reliable service for e-commerce”. At the end of the day, the way you articulate your content has a huge impact on your reader’s perspective.

3. Don’t Overcomplicate Your Content

When it comes to copywriting, less is more! Keeping your writing simple is one of the most important rules of copywriting as your readers are not here to read long complicated essays, they’re here for a quick or concise overview of the topic at hand. Instead of using complicated statements and words, keep it simple as you have to make your content easy to read and understand. To do this we first recommend skimming through your copy and eliminate any unnecessary words. Once you’ve rid your copy of unneeded words, try breaking up your sentences. Long sentences can put too much information in your readers’ minds and can cause them to give up reading any further. Remember, everyone doesn’t read and comprehend at the same level, so simplicity is the best form of sophistication!

4. Always Use a CTA

Short for calls to action, these statements drive desired actions from readers. If you want your readers to do something, just ask. But any copywriter doesn’t just blatantly do so, they practice finding new and compelling ways to make readers take an action. This should be a must when writing your copy, especially with certain goals in mind. Many copywriters don’t use CTAs as they believe they’re only useful for driving purchases but that is the furthest from the truth. Urging people to click a link, filling a form, or download a file are also essential to meeting your company’s business goals. Calls to actions are used to remind your readers at the end of your content on the main points that they should take home. Without a call to action your content is arguably pointless, so make sure a CTA is included all of your copywriting content.

5. Focus On the Quality of Your Copy

Finally, the last of the copywriting rules is making sure your content is on point. This means your grammar, spelling, and punctuations must be flawless. Your readers deserve content that is grammatically correct and all of your content should be proofread before you upload any of it. Mistakes happen but when it comes to writing effective copy mistakes cannot happen. We recommend using services like Grammarly that will analyze and proofread your copy as you’re writing it!

So if you want your copy to be perfect from every aspect, the five golden copywriting rules mentioned above cannot be broken. As previously stated, effective copywriting takes a lot of practice, but once perfected your value is immeasurable. Clearly, copywriting is important, but takes up a lot of time. Luckily, there are agencies out there like Zahalo who can do this all for you! Are there any other copywriting rules we forgot about? Let us know on our Facebook page.