A Brief History of Digital Marketing

A Brief History of Digital Marketing

Marketing and technology have always been inseparable. Currently, there are over 1876 marketing technology vendors in the market. 60% of these companies are planning on increasing their investments this year! Marketing has now become one of the most lucrative industries out there and is now a core component of market ecosystems all around the world. With the rising popularity of the internet, digital marketing has achieved exponential success through gradual evolution. Given below is a concise guide on how digital marketing has achieved explosive growth. This guide includes all of the innovations and companies that fueled the evolution of digital marketing.


In 1981, IBM launched their first computer called the SQL, which was adopted by the ANSI. During this time the market itself was still finding a unified structure.  This is where digital marketing finally was introduced as new features started to emerge. This included client architecture, advents of servers, field sales channel automation, contact strategy optimization, marketing resource management, and analytics. After the first computer was introduced to the public, many businesses had started to target this niche in the market. However, very few of these businesses had actually managed to devise adequate digital marketing services or products.


The early nineties are recognized as the pivotal years for the digital marketing industry. By this point in time, there were over 16 million of internet users. During this time every American spent approximately thirty minutes on the internet. This spurred the growth of many innovations by different companies. With the popularity of the internet, many CRM vendors started to appear and were creating a coherent structure for every digital marketing company. Furthermore, this when pioneers of the industry claimed that information was rich in data and poor in information. Basically, every business had a substantial amount of data but lacked the resources to make any sense of this information.


The twenties or the digital era has witnessed the highest growth in digital marketing services and products because by this time there were over 558 million internet users. Google went public and Apple launched their first smartphone! All of these innovations set a new standard in the market and induced a ripple effect which resulted in the expedited growth of digital marketing. By the early twenties, many products and services were digitized and marketed on the internet. This is exactly why digital marketing finally created a strong foothold in the market.  However, this uncharted territory was still too fresh for marketers to effectively offer service and products that would revamp the entire market structure.

Furthermore, with the passing of time and as more products and services became digitized, marketers finally created a strong foothold in the market. Every year digital marketers were devising new and improved methods of helping businesses market their products or services using the latest digital trends in the market. Today digital marketing is considered to be a prerequisite for every business that wants to achieve success in the market. We know that this arm of your business can be confusing and difficult to master, but luckily there are agencies such as Zahalo that can give you the best insight on how to effectively marketing digitally.