Which Social Platforms are Best For Your Business?

Which Social Platforms are Best For Your Business?

A careful and diligent social media strategy is crucial for every business that wants to establish growth and success in their target market. This is exactly why every successful business dedicates an entire team to creating and implementing social media strategies. Honing in on the different audiences of each social platform is key to knowing your customers and connecting with them on a personal level.

These platforms give them with the ability to reach a new target audience locally and globally. These social platforms are also the most cost-effective methods of increasing brand awareness. However, finding the right social media platform can be quite challenging due to the sheer amount of options available in the market. This is why we’ve gathered a list of social media platforms that every business should consider adopting their current strategies.

1.     Facebook

The very first platform that every business should consider using is Facebook. Having the biggest audience (2.07 billion monthly active users!) and features to boost your post impressions make this platform a no-brainer. Features such as live video, instant messaging, event planning, etc. have made Facebook essential for thriving businesses. This allows businesses to come up with creative ways to promote their business on Facebook and connect with their clients in a personal manner.  Furthermore, this platform will provide an actionable audience which will help establish a lasting media footprint.

2.     Twitter

Second, Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms out there right now. It’s also considered to be the only platform that can give Facebook a run for their money! Over the years it has become synonymous with crisp, witty, and engaging messages limited to 140 characters (recently increased to 280!). So this means businesses have to use very creative methods to get their message across. Most businesses that use Twitter to its full potential dedicate a team to manage their accounts.

3.     Instagram

Another social media platform that is currently dominating the market in terms of awareness and convenience is Instagram. Features like live-stream, stories, and built-in product promotion allow business to connect and engage with thousands of people! Digital marketers have recently determined that this platform is best used for branding and awareness, so social media teams need to create new stunning ways to get users to hit the follow button and keep scrolling on their page. So the only downside of using this platform is the fact that it requires continuous posting as the content is ephemeral to a certain degree.

4.     Pinterest

Pinterest has gained exponential market share in recent years. It empowers its users to tell stories using images, and curate their content according to their target audience. This platform allows business to use a targeted approach in order to get their message across. Some have been able to spike their engagement solely through Pinterest. However, the best benefit of using this platform in your current business model is its unique ability to help you create a very loyal audience.


All of the four social platforms mentioned above are currently the most popular in the market. They’re helping business all around the world take their reach to a whole different level. If you have a limited budget and are searching for the best social platforms to target, then target these four.