3 Ways to Keep Your Readership Engaged

3 Ways to Keep Your Readership Engaged

No matter how good your content is, if readers aren’t engaged, it is of no use!

The importance of keeping your readership engaged cannot be underestimated. This is because your prime goal is to attract online users to your website so they can read your content. If the content doesn’t engage them, what is the point of attracting the audience in the first place?

Wondering how to create engaging content? Well, here are three key tips you need to follow!

Tell Them What They Need

I’ll be honest with you, engaging online readers is a challenge. The concept of skimming content has really taken off. A user will come in contact with your blog for only a few seconds, and you have to make those seconds count. If your opening lines are not enticing enough, you lose a user. In fact, experts believe that while writing content online, the introductory paragraph should be the most captivating.

It should contain all the valuable information you want the user to take away from the blog. You can do that by using the ‘inverted triangle’ technique. It states that you put the entire content in a nutshell and put it at the disposal of the reader in the first paragraph. Once you have them hooked, you can continue with the details.

Introduce Controversy

People tend to love controversy. This is, in fact, the fuel of contemporary media. Don’t force it into your content. You can create a post relating to any controversies that may be debatable. Do bear in mind not to write anything that goes on to offend people.

This is a great way to have people engage with your content. Taking a side in controversy or even being neutral will lead people to give their stance on the matter. Most often than not, these lead to discussions that further improve your readership. This is, however, a somewhat critical area to tap. But if done right, it can bring in prolific results.

Know the Platform

If you are looking forward to keeping your readership engaged, you need to know them well. There are different online platforms that you can post your content on. Each platform has its own audience. You need to know your targeted audience and tailor your content as per their requirement.

For instance, if you are posting something on Twitter, your readership may be looking forward to more formal content as compared to what they would expect from you on Facebook. Knowing from where the readership belongs will help you tailor the content accordingly, allowing them to engage much more easily. The bottom line is that your engagement strategies with different platforms should be different!


It is an undoubted fact that keeping the readership engaged is of key importance. You need to offer your users something they can relate to, something that solves their points of pain. This will make your readership more loyal to your content, lessening the percentage of turnovers. In short, offering your audience engaging content is the key to online success! Know any other ways