Email Marketing Rules

Email Marketing Rules

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, but it was only until recently that it evolved into what it is now. Today, it is not about sending mass messages, but about personalizing email messages, services, and offers etc. for each email recipient. Bearing in mind that the average attention span of people is a mere 4 to 5 seconds today, that is all the time email marketers have to captivate a user into reading an entire email.

To make sure your email stands out among the on-average 121 emails a worker receives in a day, contemporary email marketing follows a lot of different rules. Here are a few you cannot skip out on.

Respect Your Subscribers

When a potential prospect signs up for your newsletter or email marketing campaign, he or she expects a great deal from you. It is of utmost importance that you treat these customers with respect, and make sure they receive top-quality content for the time they are willing to invest in you. Personalize your emails and make them feel important!

Contact Information

Sending emails without contact info is a no-no. Never make this mistake. A certain user might find the need to contact you for some information. If you don’t attach your contact details, it will not only cast a bad impression onto your client, but you are quite likely to lose their interest in your product as well. This is email marketing 101!

Honor Opt-outs

Many businesses consider opt-outs as their last priority, leaving an already lost customer hanging. This will only worsen your image in the eyes of that customer. Instead, honor their choice of opting out of your email marketing campaign. Give it your first priority. The most you may do at this point is to ask what led them to opt out so that you can make sure that the particular issue doesn’t bother another customer. Also, thank them for their time, and leave your doors open to them if they ever want to re-opt.


Keep Things Simple

When you send an email, the last thing you would want is to fill it with fancy words. Not every customer will be able to understand it and the slightest bit of difficulty will lead the user to close the email and heading off. So, keep things simple.

Don’t Clickbait

Email marketers often tend to send an email with misleading subject lines. This may lead a person to open the email, but since the subject line was a lie, the user will find it difficult to trust whatever you claim in your email. You don’t want to lose the trust of a customer. It is better that a user chooses not to open your email than to open it, and opt-out forever.

Personalize Content

Contemporary email marketing is all about personalizing content. You need to make sure that the email you are sending is relevant to the recipient. If the person develops an image that you only send random emails that do not interest them, there is a very good chance he or she will opt-out of the subscription.


There are many other email marketing rules as well. The above-mentioned ones will, however, get you going on the right track!