How to Write a Quality Blog Post

How to Write a Quality Blog Post

Blogging has become one of the most common SEO techniques online. Every business that wants to survive in the online world needs to create top-quality blogging posts in order to outdo their competitors, rank higher in the search engine, become more visible, and attract more traffic to the website. Not many businesses, however, succeed in doing so.

This is because not many businesses focus on writing exquisitely engaging posts. In this blog, we will unravel the simplest, yet the most overlooked tips on creating a quality blog post.

Keep Audience in Mind

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is that they rant about their products and services without taking into account the audience whom they’re writing for. The best way to go about it is to stand in your customer’s shoes and acquire their perspective. Know what they are looking for in your product, and develop content based on that.

Create a Blog Skeleton

If you want to create an outstanding blog, have it streamlined prior to beginning to write. Having a skeleton to follow will keep you focused on what your core focus should be in a particular part of the blog. If your blog is haphazard, it will be difficult for the readers to grasp the content they are looking for.

Bear in mind that a user will only stay on a certain page for a mere few seconds. A streamlined post will keep them hooked, as they move further into the blog seeking information.

Follow the Inverted Triangle

A quality blog post will always have the most captivating opening paragraph. This goes back to the point that a user will make decisions in mere seconds to keep reading or to turn away. The concept of the inverted triangle states that you put forth the most captivating information in the opening paragraph, rather than saving it for the conclusion.

You wouldn’t want the reader to quit reading your blog right in the beginning, or even till the end for that matter.

The Visual Appeal

We cannot emphasize this enough. Make the blog look enticing. This doesn’t mean that you insert loads of colors and images into it. A well-spread post, with definitive headings, and short paragraphs are pleasing enough to the eye. Quick question: How many times have you stuck to reading a big jumble of closely knitted words with color schemes that blend both the font and background?

Make it About the Reader

Online users have evolved now. They cannot be targeted with mass marketing efforts. You need to personalize your content to make it seem you are talking directly to the reader. Use simple words, ask a question, and relate to your audience. Make them feel they’re spending time with you. Share a short story that relates to your audience while catering to the purpose of the blog.


A quality blog post is a set of simple rules that you need to follow. You can begin with the above-mentioned tips. A little time and a few blog posts later, you will be producing some of the most engaging pieces or writing.