Why Use Bing Advertising for Your Ad Campaigns

Why Use Bing Advertising for Your Ad Campaigns

Why Should You Use Bing Advertising for Your Ad Campaigns?

Creating a PPC ad campaign comes with a lot of choices, from which search engine you use, to the best keywords to use. In this case, eenie-meenie-miney-mo might not be the best method for decision making. When it comes to choosing a search engine, it’s important to lay out all the facts to determine which would be best for your campaign.

Although it hasn’t been ‘officially’ confirmed, Bing is commonly known as ‘Because it’s not Google.’ In other words, it’s considered to be “the other search engine” Well guess what? Bing carries approximately 7% of the total search engine market share, and more than 20% of all US desktop market share. (Search Engine Land) That’s what you’d be missing out on if you choose to look past Bing advertising. Still think Google is the only way to go?

If so, that’s fine. We have our loyalties too, but do us a favor and keep an open mind when you read the following fun facts.

  • Titles are the attention grabber. Have a hard time fitting yours into 25 characters? Bing ads allow you to use 40 characters in your title. By contrast Google ad titles have a character limit of 25. (Hubspot)
  • Started from the bottom now you’re here? Bing shows more ads at the top of the page(above the organic results) than Google for most searches. This means Bing gives you a better chance of landing one of those coveted top spots. (WordStream)

  • It’s not just about the big advertisers, Bing offers more support for small advertisers than Google. Google requires you to spend more than $500,000 per year to earn a dedicated account rep. You only have to spend $500 a month to talk to a Bing advertising rep for free through the Quick Launch program. (Entrepreneur)
  • On a budget? So are we. Thankfully, Bing makes this easy for us by allowing us to set a daily budget. For example, if we wanted to set a budget of $10 per day, then Bing Ads will stop running our ads once we’ve spent that $10 for the day. The ads will resume on the following day, when your set amount resets to $0. (Search Engine Land). 
  • On Bing, B2B campaigns tend to drive more traffic and achieve higher ROI than Google. (Search Engine Watch)
  • Who doesn’t want better targeting and quality control? Bing recently increased its website exclusion limits from 500 to 2000 to make this possible. (Bing Ads Blog)
  • Bing advertising also offers a Keyword Planner Tool very similar to Google’s. However, Bing’s is different in that it will show you Ad Groups that will assist you finding keywords useful to your campaign versus only showing matching keywords by default. On top of that, Bing Ads will also display a bar graph that will show you the monthly searches for a keyword over the last year. (Search Engine Watch)

Hey, if you’ve made it this far, you must be somewhat convinced. We’re glad you have faith in us. If you’re interested in learning more about Bing visit:



We want you to see the same success we have, so open a new tab, go to Bing, click ‘Sign Up Now,’ and advertise away.

*non-linked references are from non-digital sources