Build Your Brand Using Instagram

Build Your Brand Using Instagram

Increase your followersIncrease your followers on Instagram.

Rule number one for increasing your followers on instagram is to STAY ACTIVE! Engage with other users, businesses, and similar profiles to yours!

Pair with well-known Instagram accounts that share your same target audience. After that, shout-outs will be your best friend. There are two types:

  1. Unpaid shout-outs: an easy way of putting this is “share for share.” You basically just promote and share each other’s posts to your followers. Again, this is effective with accounts that reach your target audience.
  2. Paid shout-outs: if you have the money to spend, this may help you gain followers a little faster. For example, you may pay for the owner of the account to ask their followers to follow you.

Turn your Followers into SubscribersTransform Instagram followers to subscribers.

This is where you start your email list. Your email list = people that will make a purchase. The best way to achieve this is to have a quality bio that’s simple yet informative. Make sure to include a link to your website that will stand out.

“Instagram has been an important driver of email subscribers for Foundr, converting around 15,000–30,000 followers into subscribers each month, depending on our promotions.” (HubSpot)

Post Engaging ContentPost Engaging Content

The key is to get your audience to interact. To do this your posts need to be captivating and easy to understand. That requires two things:

  1. Eye-catching images: an effective image creates an emotion and creates interest.
  2. Engaging Copy: you don’t always have to add text, but it can increase the impact of the image, especially if it is powerful or motivational.

Post when your followers are active

If your followers don’t see your post, your time and effort has gone down the drain. Even if it is your best work and you are confident your post will be successful, it all hinges on timing. Ensure your followers don’t miss your post is to periodically share updates during times your target audience will most likely see it. In a business account this information is easily accessible by checking out the insights tab within Instagram.

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