10 Keys to Copywriting

10 Keys to Copywriting

Are you writing effective copy?

Copywriting can seem like a daunting task, especially not knowing where to start. Sometimes the hardest part is getting yourself to sit down and do it. You could take the easy route and hire someone to do it for you, but reading this list might a little bit cheaper. If you don’t know where to begin, this is the best way to get the ball rolling.

Lets get this clear.

Before you let your creativity take over, just make sure the people can actually understand the thing, okay? Clarity is key.


Now, let your creativity run wild.

Wherever it takes you, just make sure your message is unique in a way people will have some type of emotional connection to it.


Keep it to the point.

Be concise (like so).


Be persuasive.

Don’t just prove a point, your writing should trigger an action, aka a purchase.


Be clear who you are selling to.

Do your homework, don’t just wing it and hope for the best. You need to research your audience or you will have run-of-the-mill work.


Please be coherent.

For some people this might be easier said than done, but it’s slightly important your audience understands what they are reading. In all seriousness, your goal is for them to relate to your copy. Don’t use words people might have to look up in the dictionary, chances are they won’t.


Great copywriting can be done more than once.

If you do it right, which hopefully you will after reading this work of art, your copy should be able to be used in more than one way (plus or minus a tweak or two).


Let’s be real, pictures make everything better.

The best copy is accompanied by a visual. I mean who doesn’t love a good picture book? Just be sure you don’t repeat what the visual already says.



Meeting face-to-face is important for most businesses, but unless I’m missing something, you can’t be everywhere at once. If done properly, your copy can represent you and your company when you can’t be there.


Don’t rush it.

Writers block IS a thing, take is from me personally. Sometimes you can’t get in the ‘zone,’ so take a break, walk outside, have a beer, whatever works for you. If you want the best results, give it the necessary time before rushing into posting something that isn’t your best.


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