Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017

Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017

What are the Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017?

10 things that caught our eye:

These are just a few statistics we thought might be helpful to consider when creating your next digital marketing strategy. We found them useful, hence creating a blog post, and we hope you do too. Digital Marketing strategies include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Here at our agency we use these mediums for our clients to accomplish customer growth, customer service, and success. This enables the companies we work with to build their brand and bottom line using social media, blogs, packaging, websites, emails and marketplace listings. We believe Digital Marketing is the most measurable marketing created to date, which helps us continue to improve as a company and reach our goals. It enables us to identify what we did right, and what we should avoid doing in our future endeavors. Media is always changing which is why we take time to research and to stay current by implementing these statistics in our strategies and planning.

  1. 93% of online use starts with a search engine – Vimeo
  2. At first when we read this statistic we were a little surprised by the high percentage, but then we realized how many times a day we start our online escapades with Google.

  3. More than 2 million blog posts are published each day – Niel Patel
  4. We’re happy we can contribute to this statistic and be a part of the fast-growing blogger-community and make it at least 2,000,001.

  5. A study shows B2B companies that blog 16 or more per month had 3.5x more traffic. – HubSpot
  6. Told ya.

  7. 57% of B2B marketers believe SEO is the number one lead generator – HubSpot
  8. 72% of those who search locally visit a store within 5 miles. – WordStream

  9. 75% of search engine users never look past the first page – Search Engine Journal
  10. The first three results on Google’s search page get more than 50% clicks – Smart Insights

  11. About 82% of customers conduct research online before making a purchase – Forbes
  12. Consumers rely on digital marketing and information before making a purchase, considering it is all in the palm of their hand.

  13. Companies’ marketing technology spend exceeds advertising spend – Gartner
  14. Can you believe that? Digital marketing has become so big it exceeds their advertising, a multibillion-dollar industry.

  15. The average internet user has 5.54 media accounts – Brandwatch
  16. That’s why we make it a priority to stay up to date with multiple social media platforms and keep up with the latest #trends!

  17. Visual content on social media is 40x more likely to be shared than other types – Buffer
  18. Remember: pictures are worth 1,000 words! Social media is filled with text and other clutter but make your pictures and visual content stand out.

  19. Finally, make sure to keep these in mind! HubSpot

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